Fashion illustration, mixed media

Format: digital




High fashion is not about smiling and looking friendly. Fashion equals putting a prefix "super" to every definition: super-tall, super-skinny, super-garment, super-beautiful, super-extravagant, super-powerful... It is about being a super-human, an icon.

When Dasha took a glance at her portray, she instantly branded it: "It's Super-Dasha"

The pencil sketched artwork originally served as an illustration for the complimentary postcard which goes inside tote bags. If you are one of those lucky people who happen to get one, congratulations! It is a strictly limited edition with only 100 pieces existing in the whole world!

Below you can see the postcard itself




...out on the streets!

Photograph: Anna Hendry

Models: Elena and Dasha at stormmodels.com

Location: London




Beware, the Fashion Beasts are out on the streets! The common features: big sunglasses, nylon stockings, predominance of black in clothing and overall glamour.

The Fashion Beasts is an editorial based on a model day to day routine, which usually consists of running around with a book and high heels from casting to casting or/and from a fitting to a go-see, all along with random shouts from the crowd (and sometimes pointy fingers): Look, a Model! But models are models, either mechanical or human, exactly for this reason: they are programmed only to a specific range of actions – walking ignoring everything that is not in front of you, posing for a camera and looking good...

The bags featured in editorial come in two designs.




...they are among us!




The further examples and species of Fashion Beasts are illustrated below! Take a close look, it might be someone you know!


Elle Rache 2011